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The Full Service

In addition to our custom tailored suits, an essential part of our services includes unparalleled alterations on your existing garments. We understand how important fit and finish is in taking your style to the next level. Our master tailors have decades of experience in advanced alteration techniques that other shops in Vancouver simply cannot replicate. We welcome complex and detailed projects.

Some of our specialty services include:

  • Shortening sleeves on suits with working buttonholes - This delicate process involves meticulously disassembling the sleeve, shortening it, and then carefully reconstructing it to preserve the functionality of the buttonholes. Many tailors will refuse to attempt this, while we have mastered it.

  • Waist suppression - We are experts in tapering and nippping in the waist for a more contoured, tailored silhouette. This skillful service creates a flattering V-shaped appearance that enhances the whole look of the jacket.

  • Relocating pockets and vents - For better proportions, we can move jacket pockets or side vents to more complementary locations for your individual frame and proportions. Adjusting these details makes a surprising difference.

  • Shoulder adjustments - Narrowing or widening shoulders completely alters the structure and aesthetic of a jacket. We reshape shoulders with meticulous precision for a refined bespoke feel.

  • Jacket body reconstruction - Whether you've lost or gained weight, we can entirely disassemble a jacket and re-cut the body for your new measurements. This leads to the jacket looking like it was tailored specifically for you.

  • Trouser alterations - We adjust waist size, taper legs, crop hems, and anything else needed to make trousers fit impeccably. Well-fitting pants are essential to a sharp silhouette.

Every modification is carefully executed with you in mind. We start by listening closely to understand your vision. Then our expert craftsmen use an array of specialized techniques to actualize it. The end result will look and feel custom built just for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We are proud to deliver suit alterations in Vancouver that are simply unavailable anywhere else in the city.

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