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Custom Garments

We are Vancouver's premier destination for exquisite, custom-tailored menswear. Our experienced team of master tailors offers a true bespoke experience, handcrafting each garment specifically for you.


Tired of garments that don't perfectly fit your unique style and body? With our Custom Garment offering, we modify existing patterns to create one-of-a-kind pieces tailored just for you at a more affordable price than our Bespoke Garment solutions.

Located in Vancouver, BC, our seamstresses have decades of experience crafting custom garments. We start with high-quality basic patterns that form the base of your pieces. From there, our expert tailors will modify the existing patterns based on your precise measurements and fitting needs. Whether you need to adjust the arm length, hip area or any other part of the design, we have the skills to tailor the pattern accordingly.

The end result is custom garments with a perfect fit you won't find off the rack. Shirts, dresses, pants and more will hug your curves in all the right places without any awkward bagginess or tightness. And because we modify existing patterns rather than starting from scratch, we are able to provide this excellent custom service at a more wallet-friendly cost.

Discover how easy and affordable it can be to find your perfect fit. Contact our Vancouver studio today to discuss your fitting needs and kickstart the process of acquiring garments that were truly made for you.

Custom Suiting - The Process 

Step 1 - Style Consultation 

The first step in the  commission of a bespoke suit is a style consultation. This is where our experts walk you through all the vast fabrics and customizations available to you. 

Step 2 - Measurements 

After our team of experts has helped you define your vision we start to take your measurements which ensures that garment we deliver is not only the perfect fit but also flattering when you wear it.

Step 3 - Modifying a Pattern 

A custom garment requires a pattern to be modified specifically for the person who is ordering the garment. This is to ensure that the best fit can be guaranteed for our clients. 

Step 4 - The Fitting 

The most crucial step of this entire process. this is the part where we can see if any changes need to made in the garment to better fit the client. This is the also the stage where the client can make some last minute changes in some of the details. 

Step 6 - Finished Garment 

Your Custom Suit is Complete!

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