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Bespoke Garments

At Oliver Sartorial, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality tailoring services that meet your individual needs. We offer a range of services that include bespoke handmade suiting, custom garments, and alterations in Vancouver. Our experienced tailors are dedicated to creating the perfect fit and style for each client.

We are Vancouver's premier destination for exquisite, custom-tailored menswear. Our experienced team of master tailors offers a true bespoke experience, handcrafting each garment specifically for you.


The bespoke process begins with an in-depth consultation, where we get to know your unique needs and style preferences. Next, we take over 20 precise measurements by hand, carefully craft a paper pattern, and expertly cut the fabric for your suit. There are multiple fittings to ensure optimal comfort, mobility and fit. Every detail is meticulously attended to, from the lapels and pockets to the buttons and stitching. The end result is a one-of-a-kind suit, shirt or overcoat made just for you.


Our Design studio provides discerning gentlemen in Vancouver with tailored clothing of unmatched quality. We source only the finest Italian and English fabrics, pairing timeless elegance with modern comfort in each design. With decades of experience in the rare art of bespoke tailoring, we are committed to absolute precision and total satisfaction.

Bespoke Suiting - The Process 

Step 1 - Style Consultation 

The first step in the  commission of a bespoke suit is a style consultation. This is where our experts walk you through all the vast fabrics and customizations available to you. 

Step 2 - Measurements 

After our team of experts has helped you define your vision we start to take your measurements which ensures that garment we deliver is not only the perfect fit but also flattering when you wear it.

Step 3 - Drafting a Pattern 

A bespoke garment requires a pattern to be drafted from scratch specifically for the person who is ordering the garment. This paper pattern helps ensure that the garment we deliver is to our standards when it comes to fit. 

Step 4 - "Basted" Fitting 

An indicator of the garment being true bespoke is the "basted fitting". in this stage fabric is held together with a thread and then worn by the client. This service allows us to ensure that there isn't any flaws with the measurement process and make changes to the garment in places such as the shoulder 

Step 5 - Second Fitting 

After any required changes have been made we do a second fitting to see how the garment is fitting. This fitting is what we can call the 3/4 fitting because the suit is 75% done at this point. All the pockets are in place, and some of the lining has been installed as well.

Step 6 - Finished Garment 

After the second fitting the buttonholes, lining and collar are completed and the finished garment is complete.

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